Developing solutions in ArcGIS often feels like a precarious game of Jenga. A minor alteration in the geodatabase, such as adding a field or modifying domains, can trigger an avalanche of issues. The stakes are higher when adjustments are made in a live environment, a common scenario when dealing with client-facing applications.


Picture being on the verge of a crucial geospatial project deadline. After investing hours meticulously crafting the software solution, the fear of deployment-induced errors sets in. When these errors inevitably surface, frustration mounts, delays incur costs, and the project’s success hangs in the balance.


Alleviating the Pain of Geospatial Solutions Delivery

Geospatial solution development has long been fraught with complexities, time constraints, and a persistent fear of errors. However, there is a solution. Imagine a seamless software development process, where your hard work transitions smoothly through every stage. Envision effortless deployments, confident that your solution meets the needs of your projects. This ensures timely delivery and elevates the quality and efficiency of your GIS solution development.


The GaiaBuilder Advantage

We are pleased to introduce GaiaBuilder – your compass towards a pain-free GIS solution development journey.

  1. Version Tracking: Easily track and manage changes to your ArcGIS projects over time. Every change is saved, enabling swift reversions in case of mistakes or unexpected issues.
  2. Effortless Propagation of Changes: Traditionally, maintaining multiple environments in ArcGIS has been difficult. Now, you can swiftly propagate changes from development to testing to production.
  3. Seamless Collaboration: Multiple team members can work on a project simultaneously without overriding each other’s work, leading to faster and more efficient project completion.
  4. Continuous Delivery Integration: Seamlessly integrate your ArcGIS solutions with other systems for faster and more reliable delivery.
  5. Transparent Modifications: View a detailed history of all modifications, fostering accountability and clarity within the team.
  6. Confidence & Peace of Mind: Knowing that every change is documented and stored safely means less worry and more focus on creating outstanding GIS solutions.
  7. Emergency backup: Gaiabuilder can even be used as a backup/recovery solution, in case of any ArcGIS environment emergency.

GaiaBuilder in North America

Merkator, a leading Dutch/Belgian geospatial software provider, is excited to announce its strategic reseller agreement with Nodeology, LLC. This partnership designates Nodeology as an authorized reseller of GaiaBuilder software in North America, significantly expanding Merkator’s presence in the region.


Nodeology, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a geospatial software development firm specializing in creating user-friendly ArcGIS tools for 360-degree video and imagery, tailored to streamline road and other infrastructure inspections.


For more information on GaiaBuilder, please visit:

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