Vidgeo for ArcGIS

Seamlessly Integrate 360° and Traditional Videos into ArcGIS Online or Enterprise with Your Favorite Media Player

Designed for efficient asset visualization and feature collection/update.

A single individual, equipped with either a traditional or 360° camera, can seamlessly capture and share entire project sites. Streamlined visualization tools simplify workflows, enabling even non-GIS experts to work efficiently.

View your project site within hours of collection

It doesn’t take days or weeks of processing to get your data into ArcGIS.

Control your location on either the ArcGIS map or YouTube progress bar.

Store locally or in the cloud

How it works

Capture 360°/2D Video

Field personnel can easily capture an entire project site using a GPS-enabled camera, i.e., GoPro, Insta360, Mosaic.

Upload Video

As quickly as you can upload your videos, you can view them in ArcGIS.

Visualize in ArcGIS

Explore job site with 360° and 2D visualizations in ArcGIS.

Fully Integrated with ArcGIS Online & Enterprise

Roadway Management

Discover how easy it is to geospatially-visualize before-and-after conditions, collaborate seamlessly with transportation agencies, and mitigate potential liabilities.

Large-Scale 360 Virtual Tours

Replace traditional presentations with interactive geospatial experiences, enabling seamless communication and greatly improved understanding of project and site conditions.

Empowering Non-GIS Professionals with Highly Customizable Workflows

Simplicity and a focus on visualization make it easy to create uncomplicated workflows, enabling individuals—regardless of their GIS expertise—to work efficiently.

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Everything you need to know about setting up a 360° program

From your 360° camera to workflows that streamline operations.

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