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Visualize in YouTube. Analyze in ArcGIS

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Designed for efficient asset visualization and feature collection/update.

One person with a 2D or 360 video camera can capture and share entire project sites to support the AEC team, increasing workflow efficiencies, reducing project costs, and minimizing liabilities of multiple people onsite.

Easily visualize and analyze your roads and other infrastructure assets.

Control the location on both the ArcGIS map and YouTube progress bar for efficient and accurate inspection of assets.

One person with a video camera to support the entire AEC team.

Connects the GPS position of drone, aerial, and terrestrial video to ArcGIS maps.

Capture video
Easily capture project sites using a GPS-enabled camera, using anything from your smartphone to a professional 360 camera. One driver can obtain video without the need to cordon off roads or highways.

Easily work with video in ArcGIS
2D & 360 video can then be viewed from a desktop computer, allowing AEC teams and clients to experience the job site as if they were physically there.

Save countless hours trying to describe jobsite conditions. Allow your stakeholders to see the jobsite for themselves as if they were on location, from anywhere. 

Talk to us about a video camera for your project requirements.

Gain a competitive edge.

Independence and low acquisition costs

Collect your own imagery with a budget-friendly 2D or 360 video camera or work with a Reality Capture specialist.

Win more work

Knowing drainage options, the slope of a road, and traffic situations and accessibility allows bids to be submitted with well-supported documentation and confidence. 

Fast and accurate inspections with streamlined workflows

Quickly navigate to locations with known defects, eliminating the hassle of scrolling through irrelevant images.

User-friendly interface for seamless operations

Engineers and even novice GIS personnel can easily navigate and complete inspections with the user-friendly interface.

Progress monitoring and remote inspections

Monitor progress across various projects, from roads to construction sites, using updated GIS mapping data on an ongoing basis.

Fully Integrated Solution

  • Display videos collected with a cell phone, action cam, or any other GPS-enable camera.
  • Streamlines workflows by displaying mapped assets, i.e., well sites, parcels, and road defects, with 2D or 360 video within ArcGIS.
  • Increases accuracy by providing contextualized data, enhancing the understanding and analysis of the existing information.

Planning, Design, Construction, & Closeout

GeoTube empowers all phases of infrastructure projects, offering a comprehensive view and evaluating the feasibility of design features, including the safety of new access roads on hilltops.

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