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NIRA Road Health for ArcGIS

Reduce Your Total Annual Pavement Maintenance Costs by 12-30%

Leveraging road health data from 2,000,000 connected vehicles can reduce your road maintenance costs by up to 30%. This extensive network delivers precise, real-time insights into road conditions, including roughness, friction, and anomalies such as potholes. Utilizing this data can significantly enhance road maintenance strategies and reduce operational costs.

Fully Integrated with ArcGIS Online & Enterprise

Live Network Status

Daily updates provide detailed status reports of the entire road network down to segments of 25 meters. This enables easy comparisons of road conditions across different dates or various network regions.

Road Alerts

Receive alerts of sudden changes in your road network, such as increases in roughness or new potholes, to speed up the repair process by directly inspecting the alerts and taking action.

Optimize Your Pavement Management System with Precision Road Data


  • Develop a budget aligned with a 10-year maintenance plan.
  • Ensure quarterly updates using the continuous flow of road condition data to maintain accuracy and relevance.
  • Prioritize roads that exhibit rapid or significant deterioration, and forecast maintenance needs for roads with normal wear patterns.

Maximize the Benefits of Daily Measurements


Though often invisible, road settlements can be reliably identified and continuously monitored using Road Health data.

Alert Map

Workflow: Review the last 7 days of alerts and then dispatch maintenance personnel on a dedicated inspection route to determine the necessary actions.

Pothole Development

Visible. Define repair strategy.

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