360° imagery of Hurricane Ian now available in an ArcGIS Online demo

Introducing a powerful new 360 imagery tool for ArcGIS Online and Enterprise, empowering Emergency Management professionals with a seamless and intuitive solution to work with and visualize 360 imagery in ArcGIS Online and Enterprise.  To showcase the capabilities of this new feature, anyone can now freely explore Hurricane Ian’s high-resolution imagery through an ArcGIS online demo.

In this blog post, we will delve into the benefits of leveraging 360 imagery in emergency situations and how it revolutionizes the recovery efforts.

Enhancing Emergency Response with 360 Imagery:

Site Tour 360, following Hurricane Ian’s aftermath, captured an extensive 700-mile coverage of ultra high-resolution 360 imagery with a Mosaic 360 camera. Leveraging this imagery in ArcGIS, Emergency Managers gain a holistic view of the affected areas, enabling them to quickly assess the extent of damage and identify potential hazards that may not be immediately visible. Structural damage, gas leaks, or downed power lines can be detected, empowering teams to take proactive measures to address these hazards and prevent further damage or injury.

Efficient Collaboration and Resource Allocation:

During emergencies, time is of the essence. With just one person equipped with a 360 camera, entire project sites can be efficiently captured and shared to support the comprehensive recovery efforts of Emergency Management teams. Through ArcGIS, FEMA and other disaster management teams can experience the recovery efforts as if they were on the ground, exploring every line-of-sight view angle. With all critical information readily available in ArcGIS Online, Emergency Response personnel can collaborate seamlessly and prioritize efforts, ensuring the efficient allocation of resources.

Tracking Changes Over Time:

Site Tour 360 enables efficient collection of imagery throughout the recovery process, facilitating easy tracking of changes over time using the time slider feature in ArcGIS. Emergency Management personnel can navigate between dates and observe the evolving situation, enabling them to make informed decisions and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Exploring the Hurricane Ian ArcGIS Online Demo:

To experience the power of 360 imagery in ArcGIS, the Hurricane Ian ArcGIS Online demo is available at https://www.nodeology.net/site-viewer-360-for-arcgis/. This interactive demo allows users to immerse themselves in the aftermath of the hurricane, gaining firsthand insights into the capabilities of 360 imagery for emergency response and recovery.


By harnessing the power of 360 imagery in ArcGIS, Emergency Management professionals can enhance their response capabilities, gain critical insights, and allocate resources more efficiently during recovery efforts. Nodeology’s 360 imagery tool for ArcGIS enables the seamless integration of 360 imagery into ArcGIS, providing a user-friendly and comprehensive solution for emergency planning and decision-making.

About Site Tour 360: Site Tour 360 is an immersive media company based in Gainesville, Florida, specializing in virtual tours, 360 photography, and 3D mapping. With a passion for new and innovative technology, they expertly capture locations and transform them into digital spaces. Their extensive portfolio includes virtual tours for various properties and large-scale mapping projects for cities, state parks, and shopping centers. Discover more about Site Tour 360 at www.sitetour360.com.

About Nodeology: Nodeology specializes in delivering geospatial 360 imagery solutions that drive operational efficiencies. Committed to developing user-friendly tools and promoting the adoption of operational efficiencies, they understand the importance of ArcGIS solutions for Emergency Management and AEC firms. To learn more about Nodeology and their offerings, visit www.nodeology.net or reach out by email at info@nodeology.net.



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